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1 August 2017

A step by step guide to Best Practice Service Management


In our previous blogs we explained why IT needs an alternative for ITIL, and introduced a Best Practices for Service Management (BPSM) to help you simplify your processes and improve your services. Here, we’re explaining how to implement BPSM step by step.

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25 July 2017

What is Best Practice Service Management?

The way forward for ITSM is customer focus. Think all you want about how you manage incidents efficiently, but if you don't put your customer in focus in that process, your department will not work on optimal efficiency. And if you think too much about processes, you lose sight of your main goal: providing excellent services.

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16 March 2017

6 guidelines for a successful application of ITIL

ITIL can be tough to get your head around, so we have translated the collective experience of more than 80 TOPdesk consultants into six guidelines for a successful application of ITIL v3. We have also grouped various ITIL processes according to priority, to help organizations to decide which ITIL processes deserve attention first.

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24 January 2017

Avoiding 3 common pitfalls when selecting a new Service Management System


Choosing a new service management tool can be a difficult task. There are many (internal) stakeholders, lots of requirements from all of them - and often there are as many different wishes as there are people involved. So how can you create structure in a very complex process that makes it easy to understand again?

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17 January 2017

Making your service catalogue customer centric

For many IT teams, a service catalogue is a common first step to take in order to go beyond being a simple ‘break-fix’ service desk.

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10 January 2017

10 tips to improve your IT desk's customer service reporting

You always want to know more about what your customers think of you. However, a problem we often face when trying to measure customer satisfaction is a hesitation to act: we spend so much time debating how to ask for feedback, by the time we find a method everyone can agree on, the curiosity we had in the first place has faded away.

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13 December 2016

How to effectively communicate your self service portal

A self service portal could be the perfect solution for your service department to help you increase customer satisfaction and lower costs at the same time. However, it is important that your employees use it and continue to do so in the future. This article provides a number of tips for setting up a successful self service portal – and the key lies in communication.

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15 September 2016

Top tips for improving your IT service desk

One of the things I got asked about most as a consultant was around ensuring that ITSM projects delivered real, tangible benefits to the rest of the business. Sometimes value can take time to realise so here are my top tips for delivering value quickly.

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25 August 2016

Outsourcing your IT support services

More and more organizations are outsourcing their services. This is routine for facilities organizations, but may take some getting used to for IT organizations. However, they also have a lot to gain. There is a lot to say for outsourcing services during times of crisis: you lower your monthly costs and have greater freedom in only employing staff when you need them. Facilities organizations have a long history of outsourcing services, such as cleaning and catering, but outsourcing is also becoming more popular within the IT field. Unfortunately, this does not always improve efficiency, and can have a negative effect on services. In this article we will use two typical case studies to explain our perspective on how IT and facilities organizations handle outsourcing, and what this can mean for these fields.

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