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5 problems your service desk should have

By George Cox on May, 11 2017

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George Cox

Office Sales Consultant

What are your biggest issues as a Service Desk? Maybe a couple of these are blessings in disguise. While some challenges can be annoying, there are some problems your service desk should have – and even actively encourage.  

1. Drowning in customer satisfaction scores

Customer feedback is extremely valuable – both positive and negative. It lets you know where your department stands, and how you can give your customers the service they really want. Maybe you have set up a continuous feedback loop, and now the star ratings (one to five) are rolling in.

Is going through all the feedback time-consuming? Certainly. But the silver lining is that it’s worth it. So, make sure your service desk is allocated time to get started on processing that precious feedback.

2. A lack of calls

If your team put aside the time to put together to build a really engaging knowledge base and FAQ section to your portal, you may find a vast reduction in the number of calls being logged. Suddenly, you may find the department needing to take on more involved projects to keep the workload up. This can be a positive however, since major improvement works can now be undertaken to make IT a better service.

3. More second line calls

More second line calls are being logged as users’ self-solve isn’t enough to fix the issues. This could potentially mean that you need to shift some first line respondents into the 2nd line team. Fortunately, this should be possible since the operators’ knowledge base is kept to the same standard as the users. This is a positive in disguise, as it means that with a good rotation, IT staff can gain more knowledge and expertise around all systems.

4. Confusion about a single portal for all requests

With a shared service portal, it can begin to promote a little bit of confusion as to why all the previously disparate services are now offered in one place. Of course, it is for the best, but effort needs to be made to ensure that everyone knows that this is the new way of operating. Before long, it will be clear, and everyone will find it easier to make all requests this way – however in the early days care must be taken to ensure everyone is aware of the new modus operandi.

5. Losing touch with familiar faces

Gone are the days where walking into the IT department was the easiest way of reporting an error. Does your team feel isolated? Do they miss chatting to colleagues from all over the organisation? They might. But if the calls are still coming through, and hopefully through the portal, this has helped to improve efficiency. How do you keep the love for your IT department alive? Promote your IT department! Spread flyers, give a presentation, or organize a fun event to show the entire organisation that your IT team is doing a great job.

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