Annemarie Wolfrat

Agile Transition Coach and Agile Lead

Annemarie has over a decade experience in bringing organizational change projects to the desired result. As an Agile Transition Coach and Agile Lead at TOPdesk, she works internationally to improve agile maturity. Most recently, Annemarie was responsible for the agile transition of the TOPdesk UK offices. She currently coaches the Management Team of TOPdesk Product Development.

What is agile? Answers to 4 frequently asked questions

Discover the answers to four frequently asked questions about agile working and find out how to bring back speed and flexibility to your IT department.

Agile ITSM and scrum: how do they work together?

Scrum and agile are hot topics. But how does agile ITSM work? And how can you apply scrum to your IT team?

Agile service desk? Forget about Scrum, start using Kanban

Introducing Scrum is often too rigorous a tool for improving the service delivery of your agile service desk. Instead, try Kanban.

ITSM Trends: How Bimodal IT helps your organization

Agile is used more and more in other departments as well, including the world of IT. Still, the question at many organizations remains: how? How do we combine Agile with how we’ve been working for years? Bimodal IT is the answer.

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