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Bas Blanken

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Bas Blanken, Service Management Consultant & Agile expert

1 March 2018

This is how your IT department reacts to an agile transition

Introducing an agile way of working means a culture shift at your IT department. Some embrace the change, others might not be so eager to change the way they work. What reactions can you expect from your IT employees? And how do you deal with these reactions?

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11 January 2018

A more Agile Incident Management process

In my previous blog posts, you can read all about the essence of agile service management. Let's now look specifically at the most important process of a supporting department. How do you make your incident management process more agile?

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28 December 2017

Agile service management in practice? 6 examples

Contrary to what some people believe, the Agile mindset and service management go together quite nicely, as I explained in my previous post blog. But how do you translate the agile philosophy to actual changes in your work? Here are 6 examples.

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6 December 2017

Agile service management: the end of ITIL?

IT is falling deeply in love with Agile. But is a happy marriage between agile service management and watertight ITIL processes really possible? We think so!

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