Bas Blanken

Service Management Consultant and Agile Expert

As Service Management Consultant at TOPdesk, Bas has helped dozens of organizations improve their internal processes. Together with other experts and using various frameworks and his own experience, Bas also works on establishing TOPdesk best practices for Enterprise Service Management.

Agile service management in practice? 6 examples

Agile service management doesn’t provide you with extensive process descriptions you can implement in detail. Agile is a philosophy for how to set up your work. Find out more.

What is shadow IT? Answers to 5 frequently asked questions

What is shadow IT? Read the answers to 5 frequently asked questions about shadow IT and find out how to manage shadow IT in your organization.

ITIL 4: the new service management bible?

Last week saw the publication of the first part of ITIL 4: ITIL Foundation. This long read answers all your burning questions. Such as: What’s new in ITIL 4? And does the new ITIL version help you adapt to developments such as agile and DevOps?

Agile Change Management in practice

We’re continuing our exploration into Agile Service Management – to find ways you can make your Service Desk operations more speedy and less rigid. Let’s continue by exploring Agile Change Management. How does it work in practice?

Agile Change Management – is it viable?

Traditional Change management can be long-winded and rigid. How do you make your change management process more agile? In this post in our agile blog series, we’ll discuss agile Change Management and a more agile approach to change requests?

5 Questions about Agile Service Management answered

Do you have questions about moving to more Agile Service Management, and the implications of doing so? Consultant Bas Blanken – author of our Agile Service Management E-book and several blog posts on the topic – shares his wisdom in this video.

This is how your IT department reacts to an agile transition

Introducing an agile way of working means a culture shift at your IT department. What reactions can you expect from your IT employees?

A more Agile Incident Management process

Every step in your incident management process needs to contribute to how quickly an incident is processed. Does a step not contribute to your goal? Remove it.

Agile service management: the end of ITIL?

Is it possible to pair agile service management and ITIL? We’ve compared the 4 basic values of agile with ITIL and came to a not so obvious conclusion.

How to get better at Service Desk Process Documentation

Processes are rarely documented consistently. How can you contribute to better process documentation, and better organisation?

The importance of good functional management

The success of an application is partly determined after implementation. At this point, the functional manager is important. But how to take on this role?

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