Colin Bassant

Project Manager

Colin is an experienced professional in the field of service management. As a TOPdesk consultant specializing in knowledge management, he has helped dozens of organizations in their journey towards service excellence. Currently, Colin works as a Project Manager at the TOPdesk headquarters in Delft.

KCS: reduce IT call volume and service desk workload

How can you reduce the number of incoming calls and the average duration of the calls you do receive? Knowledge…

What is Knowledge Centered Service?

In this video series, we explain an ITSM concept in about 60 seconds. This week: KCS, a.k.a. Knowledge-Centered Service. What is it? And how does it help you do your work better?

Customer Effort Score as a predictor of customer loyalty

How do you measure customer satisfaction and customer loyalty? Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and the Net Promotor Score (NPS) aren’t good predictors of customer loyalty. I’m sharing a method that works well for predicting customer satisfaction and customer loyalty: the Customer Effort Score (CES).

Solve and evolve with KCS: The key to lower costs per call

Knowledge management has a slightly dull reputation. But it can be a quick way to reduce your costs per call. An easy way to start this is, is with KCS.

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