Frits Koot

HR Advisor and Talent Lead

As HR Advisor and Talent Lead at the TOPdesk headquarters in Delft, Frits is in the business of helping people. He focuses on creating an open and honest feedback culture in which people help each other grow. Frits practices common sense and stimulates the teams and individuals he coaches to do the same.

The major factor that makes a good service desk employee

Intrinsic motivation is the major factor that makes a good service desk employee. But how do you select team members based on this character trait?

Improve your Knowledge Base using negative feedback

What do you do when a knowledge item is deemed ‘not helpful’ by your customers? Find out what we do over at TOPdesk.

5 ways to improve your IT department’s image

The image of your IT department might not always be positive. Colleagues will mostly contact you when they have a problem. You’ll need transparency, recognizability and procedures to improve this image. In this blog we give you 5 ways how to improve IT department image.

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