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George Cox

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George Cox, Office Sales Consultant

8 September 2017

The key to proactive Problem Management (Incidents vs. Problems)

Incident Management is a core task for any Service Desk. And we all know that Problems lead to more Incidents. How then, do you avoid more Incidents with proactive Problem Management?

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30 August 2017

4 pillars of Service Desk success

What's the key to Service Desk success? We think it ultimately boils down to the same things that drive success in any organisation. And if that's the case, why not take a Service lesson or two from some really successful organisations?

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11 May 2017

5 problems your service desk should have

What are your biggest issues as a Service Desk? Maybe a couple of these are blessings in disguise. While some challenges can be annoying, there are some problems your service desk should have – and even actively encourage.  

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27 April 2017

Maintaining a professional Self-Service Portal

Nowadays most users expect their organisation to have some sort of portal they can use to find answers to their problems, as well as to get in touch with support when they need to. But how can you make sure that you’re making best use of that portal?

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9 March 2017

The problems with Shifting Left

Shift Left is one of the phrases you will hear the most right now in the industry (along with KCS, Shared Service Management and more). The gist of it is to provide your end users with more knowledge to solve problems themselves. And that's great - but don't leave them alone!

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