Gökhan Tuna

Business Unit Director Local Government

Gökhan is a strategic partner for customers in the local government business unit. Not only does he have current market insights into Enterprise Service Management, but he always keeps an eye on future trends too. Apart from managing a successful business unit, Gökhan also acts as a network partner connecting similar organizations to one another for knowledge sharing purposes.

Best Practice Service Management: A step-by-step guide

The step by step guide to implementing Best Practice Service Management. Read about the 5 steps to simplify your processes and improve your services.

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One of the hardest things for service desk staff is saying no to requests. But it’s necessary. How can you say no and still leave your customer satisfied?

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Using a baseline measurement to achieve service excellence

Are you planning an improvement project within your organization? Consider performing a baseline measurement first. You’ll increase the chance of success.

Do you want real feedback? Start looking for angry customers

So, you want to use feedback to improve your service department. But where do you start? Gökhan Tuna, customer feedback expert at TOPdesk, has got a tip for you. It sounds counter-intuitive, but you get more out of the feedback you receive if you focus on the negative.

What is Best Practice Service Management?

Best Practice Service Management is an alternative to ITIL. Simplify your work and your processes, focusing on what your customer really needs.

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