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Gunnar Oldenhof

Service Management Consultant

Enterprise Service Management

The value of Enterprise Service Management for your organization
By Gunnar Oldenhof on May 14, 2020

Enterprise Service Management: it’s a huge buzzword in the service management community. Thinking about hopping on the ESM bandwagon yourself? First, you have to find out what the value...

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Enterprise Service Management

What is SIAM: Service Integration and Management?
By Gunnar Oldenhof on December 12, 2019

IT organizations are outsourcing increasingly more services. This raises the question: how do you keep your service quality high when you’re working internal and external service...

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ITSM Processes

ITSM-trends: VeriSM, one model to rule them all?
By Gunnar Oldenhof on May 2, 2019

Trends come and go in service management, technology, processes and frameworks. For every trend, the question is: how will it help you? Does the latest trend really help you improve your...

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