Gunnar Oldenhof

Consultancy Team Lead and ESM Expert

When he's not managing a consultancy team, Gunnar heads the Enterprise Service Management guild at TOPdesk. He has deep knowledge of both ITSM and ESM and writes about a wide range of topics such as SIAM, ITIL 4, and the future of the service desk. As head of the guild, he also pushes others to deepen their knowledge.

A look at the service desk of the future

The service desk as we know it won’t exist anymore in 2030. But what will it look like instead? Let’s take a look at the service desk of the future.

Launching Enterprise Service Management in your organization

How do you launch Enterprise Service Management in your organization? Reap the benefits of working together with one of our three routes to planet ESM.

What is ESM, and what is its value for your organization?

ESM, or Enterprise Service Management, means working together with service departments such as IT, Facilities, or HR. Read how it benefits organizations.

What is SIAM: Service Integration and Management?

Now that IT organizations are outsourcing more services, SIAM is becoming more and more relevant. But what exactly is SIAM? And does it really help?

ITSM trends: VeriSM, one model to rule them all?

What is VeriSM? How do you apply VeriSM in service management? Trends come and go. For every trend, the question is: how will it help your service desk? Service management expert Gunnar Oldenhof explains VeriSM.

Simple steps towards sharing processes

Isn’t it better to search for a shared procedure derived from the overarching agreement between the departments: supplying services to the same customers?

5 ways to improve interdepartmental collaboration

Shared Service Management is a great development in interdepartmental collaboration between supporting departments. This is how to start sharing services.

How to implement a Shared Services Center

To meet the demands of the future, supporting departments need to combine their strengths. This is how to implement a shared services center.

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