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Hannah Price

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Hannah Price, Consultant and Knowledge sharing enthusiast

12 April 2018

Self-Service and automation - some common questions answered

As probably everyone knows by now, there's been an ever-growing interest in Self-Service and automation the last few years. And that's great! It has a ton of benefits for Service Desk. But some questions still arise: Does it create new work? Will it take away my work? I want to address a few concerns:

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22 March 2018

The changing roles and responsibilities of the Knowledge Manager

Who owns the Knowledge Base at your Service Desk? The politically correct answer is probably “it’s a joint effort”. But in real life, isn't the Knowledge Manager the one doing most of the writing, editing and publishing? This happens quite a lot, it's not optimal, and this is what to do about it.

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14 March 2018

Creating a better Knowledge Base experience (Infographic)

Better Knowledge Management is incredibly important to improving your Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction.

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18 January 2018

Writing better Knowledge Base Articles

So often, the problem with Knowledge Bases is that they are hard to understand. Either the knowledge articles do contain the knowledge and it's just not communicated that well, or the Knowledge base is hard to coordinate. So what do you do? 

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26 October 2017

Inspiring better Knowledge Management in your Service Desk

Whether you are just looking to start the process of better knowledge sharing in your organisation, or if you already have a Knowledge Base you'd like to make better use of, one of the biggest challenges is preparing your department for the change in operations it implies.

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12 September 2017

Making your IT Service Level Agreements more flexible

While Service Level Agreements in ITSM are great for many things, relying on them too heavily will risk long term damage to your organisation. You simply get blinded by numbers and forget about the Service. We see this too often. The solution? A shift towards XLAs.

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17 August 2017

Promoting better Helpdesk Knowledge Sharing

I’ve spoken before about the importance of knowledge sharing in the modern service desk. Not only does it help cut resolution times massively, but it also promotes a better working culture. But to really push this cultural shift through in your organisation, there are a few things you need to do.

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28 July 2017

Best Practice Knowledge Management Step-by-Step

We strongly believe that Knowledge Sharing is the way to go for the modern Service Desk. Instead of reinventing the wheel with every call, you should be using the collective knowledge of the Service Desk to solve calls faster, with proper use of Knowledge Management.

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27 June 2017

4 steps to a Customer-focused Service Desk culture

Focusing on the customer can help your Service Department work more efficiently and improve the relationships with your customers and colleagues. A big part of Customer Centricity is making sure your team adopts a customer-focused internal culture. Here are 4 steps to ensure that happens.

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2 May 2017

What does Shift Left mean for ITSM?

Shift Left as a trend keeps on growing in the industry, and as a company focused on service excellence and end user empowerment, we couldn't be happier. But why is Shift Left the trend? We put together what we think are the top five reasons, as an introduction for you who is still a bit out of the loop.

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