Jeroen Boks

TOPdesk Chief Information Officer

Jeroen has over 20 years of experience in IT and Customer Support, mostly in management roles. Currently, he is TOPdesk’s CIO. Jeroen frequently writes and speaks publicly about topics such as DevOps, continuous deployment, and swarming. His main interest: where tech meets service delivery.

What is swarming? And how does it benefit your IT support?

What is swarming? Find out how it compares to the traditional three-tiered support model and why it’s more about culture than structure.

ITSM & DevOps: friends or foes?

ITSM & DevOps: Friends or foes? Spoiler: It’s friends. Pacing is the challenge, communication is the key.

Is your Service Desk GDPR-ready?

Is your organization ready for the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that comes into force in 2018? Read 6 tips to prepare yourself!

Eight Reasons for Continuous Deployment

The SaaS revolution has been a liberation for companies: anyone can have access to software without the need for local database admins.

Producing Frequent High Quality Updates

We currently update the SaaS environments weekly. This means that the software that is developed now, is live in your SaaS TOPdesk environment a week later!

TOPdesk’s Four Flavors of Continuous Deployment

In this post I’ll explain how we are going to keep you up to date and make sure that you will not be caught by surprise.

From Compact Disk to Continuous Deployment

Over next year, we will improve our delivery pipeline one step at a time. This will eventually result in weekly release moments.

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