Jeroen Janssen

Business Unit Manager Global Accounts

In his years as a consultant and project manager, Jeroen has worked with clients globally to elevate the lives of service department employees and their customers. His main expertise is Service Catalogue Development and Customer Experience. Right now, Jeroen is the Business Unit Manager of the Global Accounts business unit at TOPdesk.

4 steps to boosting Self-Service uptake

One of my recent consultancy projects was working with London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), increasing Self-Service portal uptake. And did we!? Within the first three months, Self-Service went from 3% to 40%, and recently to 70%! How did we do it?

What does customer experience mean to the service desk?

There’s a focus shift in Service Management from numbers to experience. We see this in the growing focus on XLAs and CX and other cool acronyms. It’s all about improvements in Service Delivery. What does this imply for you? What can you do to get up to speed fast to improve the customer experience?

Building a good Self Service Portal in 5 steps

Making the most of self service will save you work. But you need to design the self service portal for your customers – not for yourself. Read our 5 tips.

Making your IT Service Catalogue customer centric

Most IT-departments use a service catalog – few optimize it for their audience: the end user. Both department and user will benefit from more customer focus.

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