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Joost Wapenaar

Technical product consultant at TOPdesk and one of the first people to initiate the implementation of KCS at TOPdesk

Knowledge Management

How to implement KCS in 6 steps – and get measurable results
By Joost Wapenaar on June 27, 2019

Getting Knowledge Management right has always been tricky. It’s always important, but never urgent. Knowledge Centered Service (KCS)* has lowered the threshold for getting started with...

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Self Service

What to keep in mind when implementing Self-Service
By Joost Wapenaar on March 9, 2017

Self-service and Shift Left are some of the phrases you will hear the most in the modern Service Management industry. The gist of it is to provide your end users with more knowledge to...

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Knowledge Management

Practicing what we preach - how we implemented Shift Left
By Joost Wapenaar on January 26, 2017

  Shift left is a bit of our mantra at TOPdesk, so why would we not follow our own advice and share knowledge as much as possible? Our own support department here receives around 5,000...

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