Ludo Bergkamp

Business Unit Director National Government

Ludo leads the National Government team at TOPdesk. He is responsible for customer satisfaction with and loyalty to the TOPdesk software and TOPdesk’s consultancy services. Ludo knows how to dig deep into the problems customers face – and how to provide solutions. He has experience working with large, complex organizations, where change is hard and slow but very necessary and valuable.

Omotenashi: 3 Japanese lessons for service desks

Omotenashi comes down to three core values: anticipate the customer needs, attention to detail and genuinely appreciate that the customer came to you. Try to incorporate each of the three core values of Omotenashi into the service delivery of your service desk.

Choosing Help Desk Software: 6 questions to help you out

Good help desk software will help streamline your day-to-day help desk operations. It often includes a ticketing system for your IT, FM or HR customers.

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