Martijn Poll

Talent Lead and Sales Manager

With a background in HR and talent development and over 10 years experience in sales, Martijn knows how to realize people’s full potential. Among other things, he specializes in ITIL, eHRM, and IT Services Management. Martijn knows exactly how supporting departments can employ tooling for processes such as onboarding and offboarding or to work together with other departments.

How Enterprise Service Management improves the user experience

With so many counters your customers don’t always understand where to request which service. Enterprise Service Management improves the user experience.

10 onboarding ideas for new employees

A good onboarding is essential for making new colleagues feel at home. These are 10 onboarding ideas you can apply in your organization.

3 reasons for a good employee onboarding

Not prioritizing a good employee onboarding is a missed opportunity. These are three reasons why onboarding matters.

How to Improve your Employee Onboarding Process

Learn how to improve your employee onboarding process. The key is good collaboration between different service departments.

Onboarding new employees

Is a new employee in your organization ready for work right away? How do you make sure he is?

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