Naïma Lachhab


In her role as Copywriter, Naïma works at the International Marketing and Communications department of TOPdesk. She specializes in thought leadership and content marketing and aims to provide readers of the TOPdesk blog with valuable service management content that they can use in their day-to-day work.

4 things IT professionals really want to say to their end-users

IT professionals are only human. And sometimes, all they want is to be brutally honest. Here are 4 things IT professionals really want to say.

5 IT tasks you should be automating

Automation is a major trend for IT departments. But what does automation look like in practice? Find out which 5 IT tasks you should be automating.

Why sustainable growth isn’t just about profit (and how TOPdesk does it)

When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility, TOPdesk’s in it for the long haul. That’s why we’re 100% committed to sustainable growth. Find out how.

What IT departments can learn from B2C organizations

IT departments have nothing to do with B2C, right? Wrong. Find out what IT departments can learn from B2C organizations in this blog.

Are password resets draining your IT department?

Is your IT team spending all their time on password resets? You’re not the only ones. Automation deals with those pesky password resets for good. 

Say goodbye to service desk stress

How can you say goodbye to service desk stress? Our 5 tips help you add value to your organization while making your employees happier at the same time.

Bridging tech’s gender gap: gender diversity at TOPdesk

Women are still underrepresented in the tech workforce. Find out how TOPdesk deals with gender diversity and how we can contribute to bridging the gap.

10 things you might not know about TOPdesk

Find out why we prefer Playmobil over Lego, the humble beginnings of our CEO and why we don’t mind saying no – even to potential customers. And more!

The 3 biggest advantages of modern ITSM tools for your service desk 

Discover the 3 biggest advantages of modern ITSM solution for your IT service desk. ITSM tools improve efficiency and empower…

An example of a simple customer journey map

Ready to start customer journey mapping? Find out what happens when Oliver requests a laptop from your IT department with our simple customer journey map!

Office social distancing with Enterprise Service Management

Once you get to return to the office, service departments are key in accommodating office social distancing. Use these tips to make the return go smoothly.

Which Sesame Street character at the service desk are you?

Which Sesame Street character at the service desk are you? Take the quiz to find out and download our Microsoft Teams background for your next video call.

Go green or go home: Earth Day projects for your service teams

Curious how your service teams can help save the earth? We share 6 tips for Earth Day projects that’ll help your organization go green.

Utrecht University: Enterprise Service Management case

An Enterprise Service Management case in action: how Utrecht University embarked on their very own ESM journey – and what good it did them.

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