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Niek Steenhuis

Enterprise Service Management

6 articles on silo-breaking with Enterprise Service Management
By Niek Steenhuis on November 7, 2019

Delivering great service requires collaboration between various departments. Enterprise Service Management (ESM). When you adopt an ESM approach, you force yourself to look at your...

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Self Service

Self-service stress at Dr Seuss’ service desk
By Niek Steenhuis on March 7, 2019

Getting your customers to use your self-service features is never easy. Sometimes even harder than getting people to try green eggs and ham.

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ITSM Processes

ITIL 4 is coming. What is it, and is it still relevant?
By Niek Steenhuis on November 1, 2018

At the start of next year, ITIL 4 will be launched. But what does that mean? What will change? And is ITIL still relevant or not? We asked Bas Blanken, service management consultant &...

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