Niek Steenhuis

Product Owner

Niek works as a Global Marketer and Product Owner at TOPdesk. He specializes in thought leadership and content marketing. Providing valuable content on the latest trends in IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management and offering practical tips and tricks, Niek’s goal is helping service professionals excel at their work.

Top 5 ITSM market trends for 2022

Discover the top 5 ITSM market trends for 2022, from employee experience in a hybrid workplace and automation to process…

Top 5 Service Management trends for 2021

Wondering what the top 5 service management trends will be in 2021? If so, look no further. Check out this blog to find out our expert predictions.

26 IT service management terms – from ABC to XLA

What do terms like RPA and SIAM mean? And how can they benefit service delivery? We collected a list of today’s most relevant IT service management terms.

The top 5 ITSM trends for 2020

How will ITSM change this year? We collected the 5 most relevant ITSM trends 2020 that will change service management.

6 articles on silo-breaking with Enterprise Service Management

Delivering great service requires collaboration between various departments. Enterprise Service Management (ESM). When you adopt an ESM approach, you force yourself to look at your services from your customer’s point of view.

Self-service stress at Dr Seuss’ service desk

After a self-service implementation, it’s never easy getting your customers to use your self-service features. Sometimes it’s even harder than getting people to try green eggs and ham. Welcome to Dr Seuss’ service desk.

The 5 IT service management trends for 2019

What will happen in the ITSM world this year? Which new trends will pop up? And how will current trends develop? 5 ITSM trends from A.I. to ESM.

ITIL 4 is coming. What is it, and is it still relevant?

ITIL 4 has been launched. What will be changing? And is ITIL still relevant or not? We asked Bas Blanken, service management consultant & agile expert.

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