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Sarah Bilton

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Sarah Bilton

13 March 2018

Service Desk KPIs, what are they and what are they not? Some examples.

So, you want to set some targets for your department. But where do you start? You’ve done some research and everybody who is anybody seems to be saying that KPIs are the way to go. But what exactly are KPIs, what can they do for you - and perhaps more importantly, what can’t they do?

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19 October 2017

Getting a better grip of your Service Desk Reports

Reports are incredibly useful to any Service Department - but they can lose effectiveness if you aren’t sure what purpose you generated them for. The solution: cut down the amount of reports you generate, and make sure they have a purpose by aligning them with your goals.

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5 September 2017

Tracking the correct Service Desk metrics

So you have successfully created an array of reports and figures that can tell you everything about every aspect of every call ever logged. Great! You now have a lot of interesting information that will take time from what you should be focusing on: the customer.

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9 June 2017

5 metrics that matter for your Service Department

What key metrics do you keep track of? When almost any interaction with your Service Department can be monitored, it's important to be able to pull out the right data for the right purpose. These simple pieces of data can help you gage ‘the health’ of your service department.

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