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Sumit De

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Sumit De, Head of Consultancy UK

12 April 2018

What is Workforce Enablement?

Research shows happy employees lead to happy customers. And happy customers lead to increased revenue. So how do you keep your fellow employees happy?

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28 March 2018

Improving your Service Desk Customer Experience in 2018

Want to exceed your customer’s expectations yet again in 2018? Take one step back. Create a sound foundation by taking away all obstacles your customers might have. How? With Workforce Enablement.

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29 November 2017

6 ways to improve your Service Desk customer service

Customer experience is increasingly important to the modern service desk. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to make sure that your service delivery always meets your customer's demands. These are some of our favourites.

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1 November 2017

Getting the Incident Escalation process right

Incident Management tends to be one of those ‘must-do but I really wish we could focus on something else’ kind of tasks. But understanding proper Incident escalation is indeed highly important, and can also contribute to less confusion in the Incident Management Process.

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13 October 2017

4 steps to a more user-friendly Self Service Portal

We're pretty passionate about Self Service, which also means we like when it's done right. One of the most common questions we get as consultants is how to ensure users actually use the Self-Service portal. One part of that answer is to have a portal that users want to use. How?

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3 October 2017

4 steps to better IT Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Much like most Service Desks, you probably want to measure how well you're scoring with your customers. You make a survey, but the results just aren't coming in. Perhaps you should ask if your survey is user-friendly enough.

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1 September 2017

Improving your Service Desk's end-user communication

To provide good service as a Service Department, you have to understand your Customers. If not, it's almost impossible to deliver services that are optimised to the needs of your audience. And to understand your audience, you have to communicate - and you have to think a bit like a marketer.

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14 July 2017

4 Steps to improve the image of your Service Department

One thing we hear a lot as consultants is the following: the only time that a customer or colleague will contact the service desk is when something is wrong and this in turn leads to negative connotations. Can anything be done? Of course! 

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25 May 2017

Understanding the Incident Priority Matrix

The tickets keep rolling in and they are all over the place. Of course, the blocked printer on floor 7 takes a back seat if all of the company’s internet is under attack by outage monsters. However, situations are rarely that clear-cut. How do you prioritize incidents on a detailed level?

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