Sumit De

Head of Consultancy

Sumit has extensive experience in the field of service management. As transformation expert and public speaker, he flies all over the world. Sumit’s goal is guiding organizations to achieve service excellence by connecting people and technology, empowering them to work better together. He currently works as Head of Consultancy at TOPdesk UK.

Implementing digital self-service at your service desk

How can you successfully implement digital self-service at your service desk? Find out what you should – and shouldn’t – be doing.

Service desk KPIs: the low-down

Setting targets for your department. Easier said than done. Where do you start? Service desk KPIs are the answer. Find out the lowdown on KPIs here.

10 methods of obtaining customer feedback

Want to know how your customers really feel about your services? Ask them! Use these 10 methods of obtaining customer feedback to find out.

4 customer satisfaction KPIs for your service desk

Your service desk is customer-oriented, but your KPI is the number of processed calls. Sounds familiar? Here’s 4 customer satisfaction KPIs to track.

Understanding the Incident Priority Matrix

The priority equation ‘Impact x Urgency’ isn’t as simple as it may seem. Here’s how to handle Incident Management with the Incident Priority Matrix.

What is a service catalogue?

In this video series, we explain an ITSM concept in about 60 seconds. This week: the service catalogue. What is it? And how does it help you do your work better?

Incident Management KPIs: a guide to better reporting

You want to meet your incident management targets, we all do. But what incident management KPIs should you focus on? And what targets should you aim for?

Setting Help Desk Customer Experience KPIs that matter

When you’re tracking customer experience, simplicity is key. These are the most important customer experience KPIs to keep an eye on.

How to successfully promote your Self-Service Portal

You’re about to launch a Self-Service Portal. That should be the perfect solution to help your service department improve customer experience and lower costs at the same time. However, for that to happen it’s obviously important that your customers use it. Communicate the ease of a self-service.

What is Workforce Enablement and how does it work?

Since everyone now works on the go – using their own apps and devices – one approach is to ask how you can best enable them to keep doing that.

Improving your Service Desk Customer Experience

Want to exceed your customer’s expectations of your service desk? Create a sound foundation by taking away all obstacles your customers might have. How? With Workforce Enablement.

6 ways to improve your Service Desk customer service

Customer experience is increasingly important to the modern service desk. Luckily, there’re many ways to make sure that you meet your customer’s demands.

Getting the Incident Escalation process right

Understanding proper Incident escalation is important, and can also contribute to less confusion in the Incident Management Process.

4 steps to a more user-friendly Self-Service Portal

One of the most common questions we get is how to ensure users actually use the SSP. A part of the answer is having a portal that users want to use.

4 steps to better IT Customer Satisfaction Surveys

You want to measure your Customer Satisfaction and you make a survey, but the results aren’t coming in. Consider if your survey is user friendly enough.

3 IT Self-Service Portal Best Practices

Nowadays most users expect to find a portal with answers to their problems, but how can you make sure that you’re making best use of that portal?

5 things that make a good Service Catalogue

It is important to always provide your customers with sufficient information. When compiling the online service catalogue, always take the following into account.

10 tips to improve your IT desk’s customer service reporting

Our top tips for how to gather customer feedback, so that you can learn more about how much your customers love IT! After reading this blog you can get started with customer service reporting.

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