Vanda Kovacs

Service Designer and Customer Experience Expert

Vanda is a Service Designer and Customer Experience Expert at TOPdesk. She conducts customer research, helps teams understand customer journeys, and makes sure the voice of the customer is the starting point and guiding light in the development of services.

7 inspiring articles on how to improve your CX

Everybody wants to design great experiences for their customers. But how do you do that? To give you some inspiration, I’m sharing some of my favorite articles on designing great Customer Experience.

10 steps to map a customer journey for your service desk

Improve your customer experience by mapping out customer journeys to give you an idea of how your customer percieves your service delivery.

Mapping your customer journey – 9 tips for effective interviews

The good news is, working in Service Management, interviews with staff members are often easy to set up. After all, they work at the same office building as you and are often willing to share how they’ve experienced your services. To make sure you maximise this potential, here are 8 tips to help you make the most of these interviews.

Mapping Customer Journeys for a better user experience

You can no longer hide behind KPIs on the technical performance of your services. And SLAs don’t cut it anymore. It’s all about customer experience.

6 ways to get continuous customer feedback

You have set up a system so that after resolving a call your customer can provide you with feedback. But this is where your real challenge starts.

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