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William Bolton

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William Bolton, TOPdesk Consultant

15 February 2018

How to better include your end-users in Change Management processes

Change processes sometimes get a bit too overly complicated. And what tends to happen when you get too into the processes is you forget to involve your stakeholders enough. So what can you do to make the Change process easier for everyone?

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19 September 2017

4 questions you MUST ask before starting a Change Management process

We love changes, if they are for the better. But Change Management is still arguably the ITIL-process that causes most people on a project the most problems. But these problems can easily be avoided! Asking these four questions before you implement Change will make it easier.

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11 July 2017

Using ITIL as a Framework and not a set of rules

When I’m chatting with customers that need help with their processes, I almost always find myself saying “yes, but you’re looking at frameworks and reading them if they’re rules”. This point bears repeating.

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29 June 2017

3 ways to generate Service Desk reports you will actually use

A lot of the time a lot of numbers get in the way of what we actually want to get to: the key takeaways. Simplify your reports by focusing on the key stuff that really matters. It will pay back in a clearer overview of your Service Department.

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