Wolter Smit

TOPdesk CEO and Founder

Together with a friend of his, Wolter started TOPdesk in 1993. His goal: helping organizations provide excellent service to their customers. Today, he’s the CEO of an international organization with offices in 10 countries and over 4000 customers. Next to being CEO, Wolter is an international speaker. Topics he is passionate about include entrepreneurship and the future of service management.

The secret to happy service desk employees

Disgruntled employees complain about their colleagues being unhelpful and many other things. Happy service desk employees do exist. So, what’s the secret?

Outsourcing 2.0 – Why IT departments should learn to let go

You don’t get satisfied customers by trying to be the best at everything. Sometimes it’s better to outsource certain tasks. But how much should you outsource if you want to increase customer satisfaction?

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