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Knowledge Management

Creating a better Knowledge Base experience (Infographic)

By Hannah Price on March, 14 2018

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Hannah Price

Consultant and knowledge sharing enthusiast

Better Knowledge Management is incredibly important to improving your service delivery and customer satisfaction. But how do you make sure that your knowledge base can be used in a pleasant way?

Easier knowledge base browsing makes it easy for both operators and end users to find what they are looking for quickly - which decreases the workload on your Service Desk and enables Shift LeftPlus, working on knowledge articles brings your team closer together!

So what does an easier Knowledge Base experience actually entail? It's in the structure, partially, but also in the way you write and present the information. And consistency is key.

We put together a handy little infographic to get you started on writing better articles (click on the image to download it):

Creating a Knowledge Base infographic

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