We understand that IT managers get a lot of questions… because here at TOPdesk we get them too. There are no bad questions, only slightly amusing ones. Below are some of our favorite funny questions and requests our IT managers have received from our own TOPdesk employees.

1. The Classic

Sometimes Monday morning can be difficult. We’ve been there.

Caller complained that his desktop didn't work even after several restarts - Me: Turned the monitor on

2. Externally Humiliated

And sometimes Tuesdays are difficult too.

Caller conference room TV isn't responding to laptop. Both are definitely turned on - Me: plugs in external cable

3. Risky Business

A very concerned son called our IT department, we realized quickly that this was a high-risk situation.

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Caller reporting security risk due to deactivated antivirus

4. Big brother is always watching

Helpful hint of the day: If you share your screen with IT, we can see what you are doing.

Caller: There is not enough space on my network drive and I have no idea why. - Me: Watches him frantically deleting music files

5. Clean Desk Policy

There are many things that can be a coaster for your morning coffee in the office… the keyboard should probably not be one of them.

Caller computer makes annoying noise while booting - Me: removes mug from keyboard

6. Oh how the tables have turned...

IT managers aren’t perfect, even we make mistakes too.

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Caller complained they couldn't connect to environment remotely... - Helped by sending a knowledge item written by the caller

7. Panic at the silent disco

We’d do anything for a new company phone.

Caller requested a new phone, sound wasn't working - turns out their headphones were broken

9. “Oh ne!”

What’s Hungarian for oops?

Caller can't log in. Was sure password was correct. - Keyboard language was set to Hungarian

10. You’ve been censored

My New Year’s resolution is to change the screen resolution on my work computer.

Caller requested a new monitor to get rid of black bars on top and bottom of the screen - Me: changes screen resolution