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How Customer Centric is your Service Delivery?

By Sam Norman on November, 23 2017

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Sam Norman

Aiming for a more customer-centric service delivery is one thing, but it's not always easy to know where you are in the process. Recognising naturally-occurring improvement is surprisingly difficult - especially with concepts that are tricky to measure. So, what can you do?

We already have a lot of resources on how to make your department a shining example of customer focused Service Delivery, like our Customer Centricity e-book, but we’ve never really addressed how to make sure your department is on track to getting there. Let's take a look at some pointers which will allow you to assess the current position your Service Desk is at in your quest towards Service Excellence:

Allow time to reflect on your progress

The easiest thing to start with is some personal reflection. Look at the conversations your team is having with their customers. Do you think they could have been having those same conversations a year, or even a month, ago? If you find a shift towards more service-minded topics and considerations, that in itself is a huge sign of progress.

Remember though, your own gut feeling may not be the most statistically sound indicator. But, it's a good indication of where to start!

Make Customer Centricity part of the Service Desk routine

You should, of course, balance that gut feeling with some more formal assessments. The ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ approach works well. It forces you to place yourself in the perpetual cycle of making a change; reviewing what you did, and then gives you the ability to change course if you don't feel like you’re on track.

There are a lot of metrics you can use to help you out. For example, if you are implementing knowledge sharing as a part of becoming more customer centric, you can look at useful statistics like Self-Service Portal uptake and the amount of knowledge items created per month. If you are looking at more intangible things, like how customers feel about your service, look at creating a survey campaign or adding a rating system to your Calls.

Collect the correct feedback

It should go without saying, but collecting feedback from your customer is critical: customers will be the first to  notice and acknowledge improvements in your services (as they are on the receiving end of them!). But, make sure you collect data that’s relevant and easy to analyse.

The easiest thing to do here is to follow up every call with a 1 to 5-star rating system. It’s a simple way to track your customer satisfaction score and requires minimal effort from the customer. And, if you are looking for more intangible feedback, don't be afraid to just approach people and ask for it.

For more tips, see our blog on getting continuous customer feedback.

Future-proof your improvements

Lastly, never be afraid to give the process a bit of an extra push. If you hear one member of your Service Desk team putting your customer at the heart of what they do, make sure you share this with the everyone else as an example of creating a great customer experience.

But don’t just let this responsibility fall to you! You should also give your Service Desk the opportunity to tell each other when they think they have done a good job and enable them to challenge each other on any pitfalls so they may learn to grow and improve together. In addition, you could even host agile-style stand-ups at continual intervals, where everyone gets an equal chance to talk about how they are working towards better customer centricity.

Work on your Customer Centricity

No matter how service-minded you think you are, there’s always room for improvement! Download our Customer Centricity e-book for practical tips and tricks on improving your Service Delivery.

Download the Customer Centricity E-book

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