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The benefits of SaaS for IT Service Management

By Peter van Velzen on February, 21 2017

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Peter van Velzen

Senior product specialist


Hosting software is a complicated and costly affair. But did you ever stop to think about where the hidden costs are and what that actually means for your organization? Here are our arguments for leaving the world of static programs, and entering the world of Software as a Service.

Ongoing costs for hosting your own software include; apply fixes, patches, upgrades, integration maintenance, hardware maintenance and purchasing, DBA work and countless others.

So what is the average cost breakdown above and below the surface?

On average the license fee is only 9% of the total incurred costs. So what are your alternatives?

Software as a Service is gaining more and more momentum worldwide and the driving factor is  efficiency. At first glance the investment seems higher but what we must realize is that we get more in return, the Total Cost of Ownership is lower, costs are more predictable and it will allow you to focus more on your core business.


In our own world, more than 1200 TOPdesk as a Service customer-environments are already being hosted and cared for by our experts. The scale of this operation allows us to do this with less investment in hardware, man-hours and research than any company would have to invest on a one-on one basis.

That is where our SAAS efficiency comes from. Our experience with these vast amount of environments allows us to monitor, manage and update our customers simultaneously. This lowers the impact and improves the overall customer experience.

Why you want to have the latest features today

The cold hard fact is that, software will always contain bugs. In most cases the problem is not fixing these but getting them to the user. When a bug is reported on Monday it may already be fixed by the programmer on Tuesday, tested on Wednesday and be ready to ship out on Thursday.

This is not the experience you have while managing your own software. When you report the bug it may take more than 6 months before you have a new version installed, tested, accepted and made available for your users.

With a continuous delivery initiative you can instead provide an accelerated release cycle.  At TOPdesk, for example, we deliver smaller, more frequent updates to the TOPdesk SaaS environments.

So how does this benefit you?

  1. Quicker access to bug fixes
  2. Better user experience
  3. Low impact updates
  4. Better security and improved uptime
  5. Scalable and future proof
  6. Use tomorrow’s software today!

For a further breakdown, here are some more reasons why we are excited about continuous deployment and keeping updates up to date.


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