In the dynamic world of IT service management (ITSM), service desk automation has emerged as a transformative concept for businesses aiming for future success. Driven by fiscal uncertainties and rapid technological advancements, organizations are actively seeking innovative solutions to bolster their customer support and overall efficiency. TOPdesk’s recent webinar, in collaboration with VentureBeat, provides profound insights into the power of service desk automation, appealing to a wide audience, including ITSM enthusiasts and individuals eager to explore the possibilities. Check out the webinar here.

Featured Guests

The webinar featured esteemed experts, including Jeffrey Jacoby, the Service Team Lead for TOPdesk North America, who provided invaluable insights into how businesses can leverage service desk automation to future-proof their operations. Joining him on the panel were industry experts Barclay Rae, an IT service management guru and co-host of the Enterprise Digital Podcast, and Art Cole, a tech journalist with over three decades of experience. Their collective expertise made this webinar a compelling knowledge-sharing experience.

State of Automation

The discussions during the virtual event began with a comprehensive evaluation of businesses and their service desks. Barclay emphasized the critical role of understanding the business context and customers’ needs to identify suitable areas for automation. Jacoby highlighted the importance of standardizing high-volume processes and utilizing automation to streamline workflows across different departments, leading to enhanced efficiency and optimization. At TOPdesk, we’ve been discussing these topics for a while – and have a quick scan available to calculate the current state of automation for your service desk.

The webinar also delved into establishing clear expectations and creating a roadmap for a smooth transition into automation. Barclay emphasized the importance of finding the right balance between human interaction and automation, while also highlighting the significance of meticulous planning to tackle potential challenges.

Chatbots in Automation

An essential topic was the role of chatbots in service desk automation. Jacoby shared valuable insights, emphasizing how well-trained chatbots can become valuable allies for service desk teams, delivering rapid responses and efficiently handling repetitive tasks to ensure top-notch customer support. Our service desk tool provides quality Chatbots for service desk integrations, including our fully integrated Gold Partner Solution, Ebbot.

Gartner’s report on hyper automation was a subject of interest during the webinar, with participants urged to approach automation with caution and continuous planning to adapt to the ever-evolving technology landscape effectively. Check out the Gartner Report here.

Implementation Accountability

Building upgrades and staying relevant in the dynamic tech landscape were further explored. Barclay underscored the importance of meticulous planning and a broader understanding of the implications to ensure organizations remain future proof.

Regarding deployment approaches, the webinar highlighted the merits of both top-down and bottom-up strategies, with organizations encouraged to choose the best fit for their team and business needs.

In measuring success, Jacoby emphasized the need to evaluate actual cost savings, productivity improvements, and end-users’ satisfaction levels. Reduced incidents and enhanced customer experience emerged as primary objectives for organizations embracing automation.

To sum up, the TOPdesk-sponsored webinar provided an insightful exploration of service desk automation, making it accessible to anyone interested in ITSM. By embracing automation, businesses can enhance customer support and operational efficiency, positioning themselves for future success in the dynamic IT landscape.

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