It’s official. 2022 has been and gone, which means it’s time for a roundup of our top ITSM blogs of the year. Here’s what you’ve been reading, learning, and talking about in the past year:

A look at the service desk of the future

In 2022, we started off the year by predicting what service desks could look like by 2030. And it seems that lots of you forward-looking IT professionals were keen to do the same. Could we see any of these predictions come true in 2023?

5 IT tasks you should be automating

It’s no surprise that automation and AI were hot topics last year. In particular, you wanted to know which simple, repetitive tasks you could automate in order to save time. And we had you covered.

6 ways to boost your IT security

Security has been an important topic for a while now. And, in 2022, it appears that even more of you were keen to find ways to strengthen IT security at your own organizations. This blog gives you 6 tips for staying ahead of security threats and protecting your organization’s valuable data.

Why customers expect more from services and what it means for your IT department

In 2022, IT professionals were feeling the pressure of rising customer expectations. And with a whopping 55% of customers expecting a higher level of customer service year on year, who can blame them? This blog explains the science behind rising customer expectations and what it means for your IT department.

Agile service management in practice? 6 examples

Last year, you wanted to know: Can agile and service management ever work together? And, as it turns out, they’re a pretty great match. This blog gives you 6 practical examples of how to make your service management more agile.

Tales from the service desk: 9 hilarious IT support requests

Staying on top of the latest ITSM trends can be tiring work. It’s no wonder that so many of you took some time last year for a laugh at some of the funniest IT support requests we’ve ever seen. If you’re ever in need of some relief after your 17th password reset of the day, we definitely recommend checking out this blog.

That’s a wrap on our top ITSM blogs of 2022. From automation, to security, to agile – you trend-savvy IT professionals certainly managed to cover a lot of bases last year. Want more where that came from? Subscribe to stay up-to-date about the latest ITSM trends, tips, and best practices in 2023.