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22 February 2018

Creating an onboarding workflow in 2 hours

Are you looking to improve your onboarding process? In this post, I’ll explain how to work together to set up an onboarding workflow in just two hours.

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15 February 2018

How to better include your end-users in Change Management processes

Change processes sometimes get a bit too overly complicated. And what tends to happen when you get too into the processes is you forget to involve your stakeholders enough. So what can you do to make the Change process easier for everyone?

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7 February 2018

Scrum and agile: what's the difference and how do they work with ITSM?

Scrum and agile are hot topics discussed across the internet, in the elevator, or while waiting in line at the coffee machine. But how does it all work? And how can you apply scrum to your IT team?

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1 February 2018

3 reasons for a better employee onboarding process

Imagine it’s your first day at your new job. You don’t know where to go and hope everything is ready for you. Well, the problem is - in many organisations, everything isn't ready. And there is a lot of room for improvement. 

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25 January 2018

How we improved our Knowledge Base using negative feedback data

It’s no fun receiving negative feedback, but we've found that it's incredibly valuable sometimes. For example if you want to improve your Knowledge Base. What do you do when a knowledge item is deemed ‘not helpful’ by your customers? Here's our approach:

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18 January 2018

Writing better Knowledge Base Articles

So often, the problem with Knowledge Bases is that they are hard to understand. Either the knowledge articles do contain the knowledge and it's just not communicated that well, or the Knowledge base is hard to coordinate. So what do you do? 

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11 January 2018

A more Agile Incident Management process

In my previous blog posts, you can read all about the essence of agile service management. Let's now look specifically at the most important process of a supporting department. How do you make your incident management process more agile?

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4 January 2018

A best practice onboarding process for Service Management

You have some new starters coming in and you want to improve your on-boarding process. But you don’t know where to start. Well, the first step is quite easy: go have a coffee with colleagues from other Service Departments.

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28 December 2017

Agile service management in practice? 6 examples

Contrary to what some people believe, the Agile mindset and service management go together quite nicely, as I explained in my previous post blog. But how do you translate the agile philosophy to actual changes in your work? Here are 6 examples.

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20 December 2017

How Santa delivers 1.4 billion presents on time thanks to service management

The last weeks of the year are extremely busy – and not just for service desks. Santa has to build and store over 1.4 billion gifts, then fly across the world to deliver them to close to 500 million children. 

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