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19 September 2017

4 questions you MUST ask before starting a Change Management process

We love changes, if they are for the better. But Change Management is still arguably the ITIL-process that causes most people on a project the most problems. But these problems can easily be avoided! Asking these four questions before you implement Change will make it easier.

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15 September 2017

How to get better at Service Desk Process Documentation

Processes are rarely documented consistently. Unambiguous, up to date documentation is often nowhere to be found. How can you contribute to better process documentation, and better organisation?

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12 September 2017

Making your Service Level Agreements more flexible

While SLAs are great for reporting to management, relying on them too heavily will risk long term damage to your organisation. You simply get blinded by numbers and forget about the Service. We see this too often. The solution? A shift towards XLAs.

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8 September 2017

The key to proactive Problem Management (Incidents vs. Problems)

Incident Management is a core task for any Service Desk. And we all know that Problems lead to more Incidents. How then, do you avoid more Incidents with proactive Problem Management?

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5 September 2017

Tracking the correct Service Desk metrics

So you have successfully created an array of reports and figures that can tell you everything about every aspect of every call ever logged. Great! You now have a lot of interesting information that will take time from what you should be focusing on: the customer.

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1 September 2017

3 steps to better communication with your Service Desk users

To provide good service as a Service Department, you have to understand your Customers. If not, it's almost impossible to deliver services that are optimised to the needs of your audience. To understand your audience, you have to communicate - and you have to think a bit like a marketer.

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30 August 2017

4 pillars of Service Desk success

What's the key to Service Desk success? We think it ultimately boils down to the same things that drive success in any organisation. And if that's the case, why not take a Service lesson or two from some really successful organisations?

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24 August 2017

5 checklist items for Best Practice Change Management

One of the tasks of the change manager is to make sure new standard services can be delivered multiple times without problems. To guarantee this happens, make sure you keep track of the following.

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22 August 2017

Better Service Management on a smaller budget

How do you invest in better services when you don’t have a lot of resources? Tim van Leeuwen, Manager facility department at NHTV, a University of applied sciences in the Breda, the Netherlands, shares his tips for great customer and employee satisfaction.

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17 August 2017

Implementing a knowledge sharing culture for better Knowledge Management

I’ve spoken before about the importance of knowledge sharing in the modern service desk. Not only does it help cut resolution times massively, but it also promotes a better working culture. But to really push this cultural shift through in your organisation, there are a few things you need to do.

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