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Customer Experience

The importance of Service Excellence in Facilities Management

By Annemarie Wolfrat on May, 30 2017

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Annemarie Wolfrat

Service Management Consultant

As an organization, you want to go one step further and exceeding your customers’ expectations. With a Service Excellence approach, you can make that difference. But how does that work? Let's look at it through the lens of Facilities Management.

The driving force behind Service Excellence

On average we spend eight to nine hours a day in our work environment. For many people this means they spend more time at work than at home. There’s a reason why we sometimes use the word community for our workplaces. So why not put as much thought into the office space as into your home?

This is exactly where a facility department makes all the difference. Your office shouldn’t feel like an empty shell where people happen to go to work, but like a friendly environment where people feel at home. It’s no secret that we achieve much more when we feel good. With a Service Excellence-approach, the facility professional directly impacts the productivity and success of the organization as a whole.

How does Facilities Management add value?

A clean workspace, good coffee, plenty of fresh air. We take these things for granted when they’re there, but we are immediately affected when quality is subpar. That’s why professionals in the facility field work hard every day to achieve excellent service. They get their sense of achievement and pride from the fact that the customer doesn’t really notice all the things they do for him.

This may sound contradictory, but this is exactly where the opportunities for service excellence lie. After all, it also immediately affects us when basic facilities are even better than expected. This contributes directly to the customer’s quality of life. The facility professional focuses intensively on contributing to the customer’s quality of life and as such to the quality of the organization. A win-win situation.

Contributing to quality

Now more than ever, this is every service professional’s focal point. For facility professionals, however, this has been the case for decades. In this respect, he or she serves as an example to co-workers in other service departments. However, it’s essential that they get the appreciation they deserve. As human beings we all want to be appreciated. There’s a risk that the customers doesn’t give such appreciation, precisely because they take their pleasant work environment for granted. Herein lies an important job for the facility manager or coordinator.

Outsourcing and Service Excellence

In recent years, facility organizations tend to transform into regulating organizations. Moreover, people are often worried that outsourcing will lead to a decline in service quality. Usually, though, this isn’t as much of a problem as people expect. Because just like your own employees, your outsourced supplier’s employees also strive for perfection. They too get a sense of achievement and pride from their work.

After all, you can contribute in more ways than by being directly involved in implementation. The important thing is that you and your supplier look at people and service through the same lens regarding implementation as well as coordination. Building something great together, that’s what makes us all happy.

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