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25 January 2018

How we improved our Knowledge Base using negative feedback data

It’s no fun receiving negative feedback, but we've found that it's incredibly valuable sometimes. For example if you want to improve your Knowledge Base. What do you do when a knowledge item is deemed ‘not helpful’ by your customers? Here's our approach:

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18 January 2018

Writing better Knowledge Base Articles

So often, the problem with Knowledge Bases is that they are hard to understand. Either the knowledge articles do contain the knowledge and it's just not communicated that well, or the Knowledge base is hard to coordinate. So what do you do? 

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26 October 2017

Inspiring better Knowledge Management in your Service Desk

Whether you are just looking to start the process of better knowledge sharing in your organisation, or if you already have a Knowledge Base you'd like to make better use of, one of the biggest challenges is preparing your department for the change in operations it implies.

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17 August 2017

Promoting better Helpdesk Knowledge Sharing

I’ve spoken before about the importance of knowledge sharing in the modern service desk. Not only does it help cut resolution times massively, but it also promotes a better working culture. But to really push this cultural shift through in your organisation, there are a few things you need to do.

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28 July 2017

Best Practice Knowledge Management Step-by-Step

We strongly believe that Knowledge Sharing is the way to go for the modern Service Desk. Instead of reinventing the wheel with every call, you should be using the collective knowledge of the Service Desk to solve calls faster, with proper use of Knowledge Management.

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4 April 2017

5 steps to building a help desk knowledge base

Improving the quality of service delivery is a commendable goal, but our day-to-day workload sometimes means this remains an elusive fantasy. Few of us have the time to sit down and consider the benefits that a well-constructed, shared and used knowledge base can provide.

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