Customer Feedback

If you don’t ask your customers for feedback, you’ll never know how they truly feel. Want to improve your services? Customer feedback lies at the root of every improvement. From having a clear feedback process in place to using sentiment analysis or paying courtesy calls – encouraging customer feedback leads to happier, more satisfied customers.

What IT departments can learn from B2C organizations

IT departments have nothing to do with B2C, right? Wrong. Find out what IT departments can learn from B2C organizations in this blog.

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10 methods of obtaining customer feedback

Want to know how your customers really feel about your services? Ask them! Use these 10 methods of obtaining customer feedback to find out.

4 customer satisfaction KPIs for your service desk

Your service desk is customer-oriented, but your KPI is the number of processed calls. Sounds familiar? Here’s 4 customer satisfaction KPIs to track.

Do you want real feedback? Start looking for angry customers

So, you want to use feedback to improve your service department. But where do you start? Gökhan Tuna, customer feedback expert at TOPdesk, has got a tip for you. It sounds counter-intuitive, but you get more out of the feedback you receive if you focus on the negative.

Customer Effort Score as a predictor of customer loyalty

How do you measure customer satisfaction and customer loyalty? Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and the Net Promotor Score (NPS) aren’t good predictors of customer loyalty. I’m sharing a method that works well for predicting customer satisfaction and customer loyalty: the Customer Effort Score (CES).

Mapping your customer journey – 9 tips for effective interviews

The good news is, working in Service Management, interviews with staff members are often easy to set up. After all, they work at the same office building as you and are often willing to share how they’ve experienced your services. To make sure you maximise this potential, here are 8 tips to help you make the most of these interviews.

Setting Help Desk Customer Experience KPIs that matter

When you’re tracking customer experience, simplicity is key. These are the most important customer experience KPIs to keep an eye on.

Why Experience Level Agreements (XLAs) matter for your Service Delivery

It makes sense, right? Why XLAs matter for your service delivery? If our only performance metric is how many tickets we solve within what time, or how many knowledge items we create – is anyone actually assessing the quality of what we produce?

6 ways to get continuous customer feedback

You have set up a system so that after resolving a call your customer can provide you with feedback. But this is where your real challenge starts.

10 tips to improve your IT desk’s customer service reporting

Our top tips for how to gather customer feedback, so that you can learn more about how much your customers love IT! After reading this blog you can get started with customer service reporting.

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