Shared Services

Simply put, the term Shared Services means consolidating various business operations into a single organization-wide support entity. There are many benefits of Shared Services, including – but not limited to – easier service accessibility, greater service consistency, and better employee experience. Most importantly, Shared Services allow your organization to build its service and support capabilities around customer wants and needs.

What the perfect shared services manager looks like

What does the Shared Services Manager role entail? Stephen Mann shares the 7 responsibilities and ideal traits of a shared services manager.

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How to improve collaboration between departments

Industry expert Doug Tedder explains how to improve collaboration between departments and takes away the main barriers.

A shared services model – the next evolution of ESM

How do you implement a shared services model? Learn how to make the most of the benefits of Enterprise Service Management (ESM).

Why a single point of contact (SPOC) is important

Doug Tedder explains why having a single point of contact (SPOC) is so important for ESM. Discover which 7 steps to take towards your very own SPOC today.

What is shared services?

Shared services is a cooperation between supporting departments. Learn what is shared services and how it improves your service delivery in 60 seconds.

How Enterprise Service Management improves the user experience

With so many counters your customers don’t always understand where to request which service. Enterprise Service Management improves the user experience.

Simple steps towards sharing processes

Isn’t it better to search for a shared procedure derived from the overarching agreement between the departments: supplying services to the same customers?

5 ways to improve interdepartmental collaboration

Shared Service Management is a great development in interdepartmental collaboration between supporting departments. This is how to start sharing services.

The value of shared services: the Google effect

Customers become more demanding of services supplied by HR, FM and IT departments. The Google Effect teaches us a lesson in the value of shared services.

How to implement a Shared Services Center

To meet the demands of the future, supporting departments need to combine their strengths. This is how to implement a shared services center.

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