Change Management

Change requests are commonplace at every IT service desk. Whether the change is complex or simple, you need to have a process in place to help control risk and keep disruptions to your services to a minimum. This is where Change Management comes in. It helps your organization request, prioritize, authorize, approve, schedule, and implement changes.

Why your change process is too slow – and how to fix it

The change process can be long and tedious, slowing down your organization. Time to reinvent your CAB. Here’s how.

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How to simplify your change management process

Change management processes can be overly complicated at times. Find out how to simplify your change management process and make it easier for everyone.

Using forms in your self-service portal: 4 best practices

Can you improve the forms you use and make them more customer-centric? Find out how to improve your self-service portal with these best practices.

4 questions for starting a Change Management process

Change Management is still arguably the ITIL-process that causes most people on a project the most problems. But these problems can easily be avoided!

5 checklist items for Best Practice Change Management

Ensure change management happens smoothly in your organisation with these tips for things that should be on your change management checklist.

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