ITIL is the most widely used ITSM framework that offers best practices for delivering IT services to your customers. While ITIL has its foundations in the IT world, its principles can also easily be used outside of it, within Facilities or HR departments, for example.

Why you should use ITIL as a framework – not a set of rules

ITIL is a framework, not a rigid set of rules. Find out why you should be flexible about ITIL and other frameworks.

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6 guidelines for a successful application of ITIL

ITIL is a framework and is not a one-size-fits-all application. Here are some guidelines to help you use this framework…

What happened to the ITIL service lifecycle in ITIL 4?

Spoiler alert: the ITIL service lifecycle is gone in ITIL 4. But don’t worry: it isn’t dead and you can still use it. Find out what your three options are.

ITIL 4: the new service management bible?

Last week saw the publication of the first part of ITIL 4: ITIL Foundation. This long read answers all your burning questions. Such as: What’s new in ITIL 4? And does the new ITIL version help you adapt to developments such as agile and DevOps?

ITIL 4 is coming. What is it, and is it still relevant?

ITIL 4 has been launched. What will be changing? And is ITIL still relevant or not? We asked Bas Blanken, service management consultant & agile expert.

Better Contract Management for MSPs

You’re the new Managed Service Provider and you’ve signed the contract. Let’s put that contract in a file. But is that really the best thing to do?

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Agile service management in practice? 6 examples

Agile service management doesn’t provide you with extensive process descriptions you can implement in detail. Agile is a philosophy for how to set up your work. Find out more.

The benefits of service desk automation

By leveraging service desk automation, service desk employees can spend their time doing what they do best: using their expertise…