Metrics and KPIs

Numbers tell the tale. Whether you want to measure the average response time at your service desk or want to know where you stand with customer satisfaction, metrics and KPIs are the way to go. From measuring your Customer Effort Score to using SLAs and XLAs – seeing is believing.

Service desk KPIs: the low-down

Setting targets for your department. Easier said than done. Where do you start? Service desk KPIs are the answer. Find out the lowdown on KPIs here.

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Using a baseline measurement to achieve service excellence

Are you planning an improvement project within your organization? Consider performing a baseline measurement first. You’ll increase the chance of success.

Incident Management KPIs: a guide to better reporting

You want to meet your incident management targets, we all do. But what incident management KPIs should you focus on? And what targets should you aim for?

Making your IT Service Level Agreements more flexible

SLAs are great for reporting to management but too much focus on that may risk long term damage to your organisation. The solution? A shift towards XLAs.

5 Key Metrics for your Service Department

When almost any interaction with your Service Desk can be monitored, how do you report on the right data? These are the service desk metrics to report on.

Setting up better Service Desk KPIs

Setting up metrics is not always as simple as creating a number you want to reach. You need to set KPIs that you need to shoot for.

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