Knowledge Management

Knowledge is power. And with Knowledge Management, you have the power to make your service desk the most efficient it’s ever been. Knowledge Management means collecting, creating, and managing all of the knowledge within your organization in a knowledge base and sharing it with your co-workers. Not only does Knowledge Management save time, but it also increases customer satisfaction and makes working at the service desk more fun.

4 knowledge management best practices for a more efficient IT service desk

Stop reinventing the wheel with every incident: using knowledge management best practices can cut your resolution times by 20%.

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KCS: reduce IT call volume and service desk workload

How can you reduce the number of incoming calls and the average duration of the calls you do receive? Knowledge…

The benefits of knowledge management for your service desk

What are the benefits of knowledge management for your service desk? Read why you should invest in KCS and calculate how much time it’ll save.

Increase ROI on your knowledge management initiatives

Knowledge management sounds promising, but you have to do it right. Discover the secret of successful knowledge management in this video.

How to implement KCS in 6 steps: Training & Coaching

Got your KCS system set up? KCS is more than just a process. Get your teams ready to make KCS successful in your organization. Preparation is everything.

How to implement KCS in 6 steps – and get measurable results

How to get Knowledge Management right? Based on years of experience, my team and I have made a 6-step plan for successfully implementing KCS.

Overcoming Knowledge Management Challenges

If you’re looking at better knowledge sharing in your organisation, one of the biggest knowledge management challenges is preparing your service desk for the change in operations. Discover how you can overcome them.

What is Knowledge Centered Service?

In this video series, we explain an ITSM concept in about 60 seconds. This week: KCS, a.k.a. Knowledge-Centered Service. What is it? And how does it help you do your work better?

5 Vital Knowledge Base KPIs for better Self-Service

Knowledge management is a never-ending process; continuous development in your organisation means the knowledge base must be constantly updated with new information. It’s important to regularly measure the health of your knowledge base. How do you do this?

The changing roles and responsibilities of the Knowledge Manager

Is the Knowledge Manager the one doing most of the writing, editing and publishing? This happens quite a lot, it’s not optimal, and this is what to do about it.

Improve your Knowledge Base using negative feedback

What do you do when a knowledge item is deemed ‘not helpful’ by your customers? Find out what we do over at TOPdesk.

Writing better Knowledge Base Articles

Some knowledge articles do contain the knowledge and it’s just not communicated that well, or the Knowledge base is hard to coordinate. So what do you do?

5 steps to building a help desk knowledge base

Improving service delivery is a commendable goal, but few of us have the time to sit down and consider the benefits of well-constructed, knowledge base.

Solve and evolve with KCS: The key to lower costs per call

Knowledge management has a slightly dull reputation. But it can be a quick way to reduce your costs per call. An easy way to start this is with KCS.

Practicing what we preach – how we implemented Shift Left

We are all about Shifting Left so why would be not also implement it ourselves? Read how we implemented Knowledge Centered Service and tips and tricks we learned.

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