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Knowledge Management

[Video] What is Shift Left and how does it work?

By Hannah Price on September, 13 2018

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Hannah Price

Consultant and knowledge sharing enthusiast

 In this video series, we explain an ITSM concept in about 60 seconds. This week, we focus on Shift Left. What is it? And how does it help you improve your service delivery?

It’s not a big secret that your customers want to be more self-sufficient. They want to be able to answer their own questions and solve their own problems, without having to wait for your service desk to respond.

That’s exactly what Shift Left helps you do. It’s a smart way to share your knowledge within your organization and with your customers.



Want to learn more on Shift left?

This video covers just the basics – there’s plenty left to say about Shift Left. Here’s a selection of articles you might find interesting:

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