Could it be possible that historical paintings could capture the experience of an IT help desk worker? Absolutely. Whether you’re working remote, in-office or something in-between, we can all sit back and take a break to laugh at some old artwork. Check out these historical memes we’ve compiled to capture the service desk experience.

1. The case of the disappearing passwords

When losing your password becomes as contagious as the plague. Or in this case, multiple swords.

When you haven't had coffee yet and there's already 7 people who forgot their password, picture of a Monk praying while injured and impaled with multiple swords

2. The mystery ticket

Fighting the urge to write back “have you tried asking the file nicely?”

New ticket: “My file won’t open” No additional details given, with images of a man with a furrowed brow reading newspaper then looking up

3. Unexpected requests

In some cases, enabling the customer to fix the problem is more efficient. This is one of those times.

When someone comes up to your desk asking for a password reset, with image of Adam and Eve with perturbed faces, Eve asking is this automation?

4. Memory loss

We’ve all had moments like this – whether we misplaced our powdered wig or forgot to resolve a ticket.

When you close a ticket but then 20 seconds later try to remember if you resolved it, with image of judge in powdered wig hunched over biting nails in stress

5. One password to rule them all

We imagine this is how end-users feel when you give them the password reset. Enable them even further by automating easy tasks like this one!

A woman with the words “me” written on her back, knighting a man with “end user” written on his back. The sword used to knight the man says “password reset” on its hilt

6. Step one

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest ones.

Have you tried restarting the computer? Painting of chubby baby with horns and pointed ears, with tongue sticking out

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7. The IT paradox

When fixing the problem creates a bigger problem.

When you're sharing screens to restart a device but you lose connection and the device won't start up, with 3 photos of king being murdered by woman with sword. two images zoom in closer to his face to reveal he looks tired

8. Rise and shine

Taking a day off would be a *grave* mistake. But if you absolutely need to, you can make booking that time off easier!

When you're dead but then you remember you ran out of vacation days, with painting of skeleton emerging from a coffin

9. Ticket overload

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be so good at your job. Or maybe it’s time to come up with some new collaboration tactics.

When you close tickets so quickly you get assigned more tickets, with photo of court jester hunched over in a chair, looking defeated

10. So close yet so far

If only the IT department could announce a “last call”

5 mins until shift ends: gets a call, with painting of royal dignitary sitting up from bed with hand extended out in fear

Looking for more reasons to laugh? Sometimes service desk calls are too funny to pass up making IT memes about.