Our team

Ever wondered what went on behind the scenes of the TOPdesk blog? Together, the following people make sure you get your weekly service management fix – from web development and SEO to copy and design.

Acacia Kooij

Scrum Master

Acacia makes sure the TOPdesk blog team keeps running smoothly. As scrum master, Acacia keeps an eye on team dynamics, is in charge of the agile process, and protects the team from outside interruptions and distractions.

Kayleigh Noordijk

Online Marketer

Fascinated by data and the impact of digital developments on marketing, Kayleigh knows how to create a successful content strategy. With help of keyword and other research, she finds out exactly what our subscribers want to read about. You’ve guessed it right: SEO is almost a religion to Kayleigh. Want to make her mad? Try ignoring SEO best practices in your copy. Ouch!

Naïma Lachhab


Passionate about the English language and communication and a real control freak, Naïma dots every I and crosses every T. She’s responsible for every single letter on the TOPdesk blog. As editor, Naïma adds that little bit extra to transform informative content into compelling copy.

Niek Steenhuis

Product Owner

The leader of the pack, Niek supervises the entire TOPdesk blog operation and is in frequent contact with stakeholders. He's usually in charge of answering Kayleigh's tough questions and making even tougher decisions about the future of the TOPdesk blog.