20 December 2017

Keeping track of updates: try the new task notifications in TOPdesk

Editor's note: this post has been updated in May 2018. 

How do you stay up to date on tasks when you’re awaiting a reaction from a supplier or caller? Especially when you're the one maintaining contact with the caller, you don't want to miss out on changes in the issue's processing. 

TOPdesk SaaS now comes with a Labs feature that supports notifications for calls and simple changes. Choose what kind of updates you’d like to receive and follow the channels for these events in the settings:


Event channels for notifications

In-tool notifications added to browser notifications

In April, the browser notifications for TOPdesk were complemented by a new panel for in-tool notifications. Thanks to this new system,

  • You can benefit from notifications regardless of the browser you’re using.
  • You will no longer miss updates when you get yourself a cup of coffee. In the panel, notifications are visible until you decide to delete them.

 Notifications panel


Notifications to task updates

How do I turn on notifications on calls?

When desktop notifications are enabled in your organization's TOPdesk (Functional Settings > Labs), you're following all channels by default. Receiving too many notifications? Customize notifications in your personal settings.
Enable notifications.jpg

Staying up-to-date when you’re not logged in

Do you only log in to TOPdesk once in a while? Activate browser notifications in the settings, and your browser will push updates even when you’re logged out. Please note: browser notifications are currently only available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 

Do you like the new notifications?

As a TOPdesk Labs functionality, desktop notifications are a work in progress. To provide feedback, go to Functional Settings > Labs > Notifications of calls. Help TOPdesk improve the software right from the start and let's deliver a product you're going to love!

Johanna Kirn

Johanna Kirn, TOPdesk User Guidance