20 December 2017

Keeping track of updates to calls: try the new notifications in TOPdesk

How do you stay up to date on calls that a supplier is working on? Do you keep a separate list for these cards and check this overview a few times per day? Especially when you're the one maintaining contact with the caller, you don't want to miss out on changes in the issue's processing.

With the new desktop notifications which are released on SaaS in TOPdesk Labs, you can be notified automatically on any updates of cards that you've bookmarked before. When notifications are enabled for your system and your browser is launched, you'll get a notification on your (main) screen the next time this call is updated. In case your browser isn't active at that moment, you'll receive the notification as soon as you start it the next time. Once you've taken notice of the update, you can close the popup; otherwise, the message will automatically disappear after a while.


Notification on call update

Does my browser support notifications?

When you're using Chrome or Firefox, you're ready to enjoy notifications in TOPdesk. Microsoft users, however, will need to have some patience. For Internet Explorer, the vendor is not going to implement push notifications anymore. As Edge is concerned, TOPdesk will offer support for the browser very soon. However, Microsoft hasn't made it clear when Edge will support notifications. 

How do I turn on notifications on calls?

When desktop notifications are enabled in your organization's TOPdesk (Functional Settings > Labs), you can activate notifications next to your personal settings.
Enable notifications.jpg
In a second step, your browser will ask you to confirm that you'd like to receive notifications for TOPdesk.

Do you like the new notifications?

As a TOPdesk Labs functionality, desktop notifications are a work in progress. To provide feedback, go to Functional Settings > Labs > Notifications of calls. Help TOPdesk improve the software right from the start and let's deliver a product you're going to love!

Johanna Kirn

Johanna Kirn, TOPdesk User Guidance