3 April 2020

Automated Actions for Asset Management

Having all your assets registered in one centralized place, such as TOPdesk, is nice, but getting an automatic notification when an asset is malfunctioning or its contract is about to expire – that’s even better. That’s where the newly released automated actions for Asset Management come in.

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24 March 2020

TOPdesk Product Vision & Strategy

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In this blog, I will explain what you can expect from the TOPdesk product in the upcoming years. You can also watch the recording of the Product Vision & Strategy webinar (or click here for the Dutch version) to learn about our vision and strategy in more detail. 

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20 March 2020

How our service desk is dealing with the Corona crisis

The corona crisis is turning working life upside-down. Service departments like IT, HR and Facilities can’t resolve the crisis, but they can help soften the blow. How? By working together to ensure all colleagues can continue work just like they’re used to.

We’d like to share 5 tips from our own HR, IT and Facilities colleagues, based on their experiences in the past few weeks. Maybe they help you help your colleagues even better in this time of crisis.

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17 March 2020

TOPdesk measures regarding the corona virus (COVID-19)

Blog updated: March 26 (added new Development guidelines).

TOPdesk is taking additional steps regarding the corona virus (COVID-19). Why? Because we want to protect our colleagues and you, our customer. In this blog we explain how TOPdesk is making sure you’ll notice as little as possible from these steps. We’ll also update this blog whenever the situation changes, for instance, because of changed national health guidelines.

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3 March 2020

How to increase your meeting room occupancy

How to achieve an excellent employee experience? By using all the possibilities smart building solutions offer. In a new blog series, I will highlight some solutions that will help you improve your employee experience. Today’s subject: how to improve your meeting room occupancy by getting rid of no-shows?

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21 February 2020

End-of-life TOPdesk Classic installation

Starting from TOPdesk 2020 Release 4, the "classic" method for installing TOPdesk On-Premises will no longer be available. That means Release 3 2020 will be the last release with a classic installation. From that moment on, the only way to install or update to a new TOPdesk version will be by deploying a Virtual Appliance.

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31 January 2020

Quarterly product overview January 2020

2020 has started, and we look back at what's been made available in the past three months and will become available in the next three months. Watch the recording of the product update webinar to find out about all the latest features!

In the webinar, we discuss the highlights of the past quarter in-depth. Below you'll find links to additional information of the features covered.

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29 January 2020

How Accessibility impacts Service Management

Accessibility in the workplace is increasingly important. But what is it exactly? How does it impact service management? And what does TOPdesk do in this respect?

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22 January 2020

Detecting similar calls with the new Call Affiliation

When high impact issues have just arisen, they often hog a good share of the support team. Without being aware, the agents work on calls that can be traced back to one and the same cause. As soon as the support team realizes that there's actually a common underlying problem, the responsible agents can align their investigation.

Wouldn't it be nice if TOPdesk could help out here! If the tool crawled calls for possible connections between them?

This is where the new Call Affiliation, now available in TOPdesk Labs, takes up. With AI at its core, the feature is designed to help you detect related issues as soon as possible.

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22 January 2020

Adding changes to the Kanban Board

Our Kanban board helps organizations combine the flexibility and transparency of Agile methodologies with the structure of the ITIL Incident Management process. Now, we’re gradually introducing Change Management processes to the Kanban board.

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