11 July 2018

Loading external asset information in TOPdesk

Have you ever been faced with the challenge to make sure your organization has an up-to-date CMDB? It's not always easy, that's for sure. And do you even need to record all information in your CMDB?

Traditionally we see companies trying to mirror a vendor's website for example, to have everything at hand. With TOPdesk's web content widget you load up any information from the internet into your asset card. Check out a few examples below for showing vendor information, visualizing your asset on Google Maps or having real-time insights into the monitoring of your server.

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1 June 2018

Going the extra mile: improving customer satisfaction with duration reports

Do you want to improve your customer satisfaction, but are you unsure where to start? Are you not meeting the response time agreements you have with your customers but is it unclear why? You can now use the duration distribution report to gain a deeper understanding of the life cycle of a request in your organization. Identify the potential bottlenecks in your organization by reviewing how long requests stay on a certain status or operator group, and gain more control over your processes.

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29 May 2018

Send custom notifications for all types of tasks

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4 May 2018

Get to know the new Asset Management

Managing your IT assets is a difficult challenge. To keep your CMDB up to date, you constantly need to make sure all phones handed out from the service desk are registered, that employees don’t move devices without informing you and that implemented changes actually result in updates to configuration items. You don’t want all this effort to be in vain. Read on to find out how you’re able to use TOPdesk’s new Asset Management to manage your CMDB.

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23 April 2018

Decoding the future: TOPdesk’s AI hackathon


Artificial Intelligence is rapidly gaining ground in our everyday lives. We use it to avoid traffic on our way to work, or we let virtual home assistants keep track of what music we like and which ingredients we need to buy for a new recipe. But what does the rise of AI mean for the future of service management? TOPdesk’s development teams from all over the world joined a hackathon to find new AI solutions for TOPdesk.


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20 April 2018

The new TOPdesk installation process

Technology changes, and TOPdesk wants to make sure it keeps up. As such, the way in which you install and update TOPdesk On-Premises is going to change as well. In short, we are phasing out the installer, and in the future you'll use a so-called Virtual Appliance to manage your TOPdesk installation. In this blog, you'll find out the reasoning behind the change, how it will affect you and when you can expect it to take place. 

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19 April 2018

Integrating your statuses with Kanban

You were recently introduced to the first version of the Kanban Board in TOPdesk. With the Kanban Board, you tackle your service management in an agile way. With a recent update, the board is now more user-friendly, as moving a call to another column updates the status of a call. You don'thave to open a call each time to change the status. Furthermore, your calls appear in the correct column of the Kanban board without you dragging and dropping them there. Want to find out how the Kanban Board works with statuses and what the best practice is for setting up your statuses? Read on!

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9 April 2018

Artificial intelligence: Not just for big tech companies



Artificial intelligence has fascinated us humans for a long time. Stories have been written, movies have been made. 2018 marks the fiftieth anniversary of two important events in AI: the release of the film 2001: a Space Odyssey and the publication of the book that inspired the Blade Runner films. Sounds like the perfect time to see where we’re at when it comes to AI.

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4 April 2018

Web widget: letting the web into your home page


You open TOPdesk and the first thing you see is the home page. You're able to customize the home page and with widgets, you have multiple options for showing all kinds of useful information. For instance, to see a to-do list, add the Task widgets. If you want a built-in chat function, you have the Conversations widget. One of the widgets you might not use yet, is the web widget. So what makes the web widget special? Below you'll find some useful ideas to help you get more out of this widget.

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29 March 2018

Hear about the ideas behind the new duration reports

Do you feel like you can improve customer satisfaction, but don't know where to start? With the out-of-the-box TOPdesk duration reports, you take a look into how long it takes requests to a specific stage or how long it takes to progress to a different operator group. Watch the video below to hear about the idea behind the report from the product owner and UX designer of these new reports.

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