20 October 2017

Construction in our codebase: the benefits of Microservices


In the previous blogs in this series, you read about why the new architecture is a good thing. But what are its benefits for you? Are there any new features which make your TOPdesk experience better? Luckily, there is enough to write a whole new blogpost about, so let’s see what’s in it for you!

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6 October 2017

Integrating with Action Sequences


With the number of applications at your organization growing, information gets scattered. As such, stable integrations are becoming increasingly important. And since many people continuously get the latest version of TOPdesk from the cloud, we can no longer rely on version-specific scripts as a solution.

Our new Action Sequences offer just the combination of stability and flexibility that you are looking for. Customize your own future-proof sequence of HTTP requests and use them to interact with JSON-based REST APIs. This way you can achieve exactly what you want without the need for complex bespoke scripting.

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6 October 2017

Personalize your email templates with insertion fields


Email actions have come a long way, and recently they made the jump from the settings management to the web interface. What has not changed is the ‘[] insert field/list’ button. Have you always wondered what it is for? Or do you get intimidated by all the options in the pop up? In this post, I’ll guide you through the jungle of insertion options.

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29 September 2017

Construction in our codebase: from Then to Now


Before we take a look at today’s challenges, it helps to first see what big changes happened in our market, and how TOPdesk responded. Read on to see the major changes we've made throughout the years.

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19 September 2017

How TOPdesk's documentation strategy changes

At TOPdesk, our goal is to make our software so easy to use that no manual or explanation is needed. Often we succeed, and for when we don't, we have documentation and a great support department. In recent years, we started experimenting with Knowledge Centered Support (KCS)*. We believe this holds the future of our documentation strategy. In this blog I will explain what KCS is, the reasons behind our strategy, the ideal picture we have for documentation, the route we plan to take to get there, and how this affects you.

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15 September 2017

Construction in our codebase: keeping up with the times


At TOPdesk, we are serious about our product. One way we are showing this is by staying up-to-date with current technologies. If nothing ever changed, you would be less interested in using our software. Eventually TOPdesk wouldn’t exist anymore. A while ago we started planning for large reconstruction projects in the codebase of TOPdesk.

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1 September 2017

Making TOPdesk more accessible

In the past year we've made some big steps in making TOPdesk more accessible. There's a substantial group of people who depend on screen readers such as Jaws and NVDA to understand what is shown on their screen. These tools will now have a far easier time making sense of TOPdesk, making it possible for an operator to do their daily work in incident management.

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30 August 2017

Shortcuts to the answers you need


When you have a question, you usually call TOPdesk Support. Support will help you find the answer to your question or listen to feedback. Sometimes you are redirected to where you can receive a better answer. So what if you could skip the redirect and take the quickest route to your answer? Keep reading to learn about the different options for finding the answer you need.

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28 July 2017

Keeping track of card changes: investigating a card's history


When there is more than one person working on a card, you want to keep track of changes. When an action is added to a card it is often clear who edited the card. But what about other changes? There are a couple of places where you can look for information about the card’s history.

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27 June 2017

Set up flexible opening hours per call


Do you strive to provide perfect services? Don’t leave your customer stranded in front of a closed door. Record the opening hours of your service desk on a service window card in TOPdesk. This way, you create a service window in which calls are processed. When you indicate a duration in a call, TOPdesk takes this service window into account when determining the target date.

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