12 April 2019

Quarterly product overview Q1 2019

Keeping track of changes in a software as expansive as TOPdesk is difficult. How can you be sure you don't miss out on information crucial to your processes? Watch the recording of the product update webinar to find out about all the latest features!

In the webinar, I discuss the highlights of the past quarter in-depth. As such, I won't go into detail about the features in this blog. Watch the recording to find out more information about these features or click on a timestamp below to go directly to a certain topic in the recording. Below you'll find links to additional information regarding the features, as well as information for a number of features not covered in the webinar.

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14 November 2018

Guides to service excellence

You may have heard of our new tagline: Guides to service excellence. But what does it mean?

To answer this question, we created this video. It shows a little bit of who we are. What we strive towards. And how we help you achieve service excellence.


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19 March 2018

Behind the scenes of the TOPdesk Innovation Platform


At TOPdesk, we take our customers’ needs seriously. And we didn’t stop there.

After a year of effort and listening to our customers, we’ve successfully launched the TOPdesk Innovation Platform: a place where TOPdesk users can provide product feedback and suggestions. They can follow interesting ideas, join discussions and prioritize the features they need. It helps us to raise the transparency of our development processes and continually improve our services.

So, what do we do with all those great ideas? Here is a sneak peek behind the scenes.

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11 January 2018

Notice anything different about us?

Your favourite sweater from high school. The jacket you wore to your first day at work. That funny t-shirt from your trip to NY. Everybody’s got them. You keep these items of clothing laying around your wardrobe, because after all these years there’s nothing wrong with them: no holes, no tears, and they still look pretty decent.

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19 September 2017

How TOPdesk's documentation strategy changes

At TOPdesk, our goal is to make our software so easy to use that no manual or explanation is needed. Often we succeed, and for when we don't, we have documentation and a great support department. In recent years, we started experimenting with Knowledge Centered Support (KCS)*. We believe this holds the future of our documentation strategy. In this blog I will explain what KCS is, the reasons behind our strategy, the ideal picture we have for documentation, the route we plan to take to get there, and how this affects you.

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