10 August 2018

How TOPdesk leverages AI to create the best customer experience

AI and Service Management

AI is hot. If you’ve visited any tech conferences recently, you’ll have noticed that all hosts talk about Artificial Intelligence in one way or another. The use cases presented by big technology vendors also spark the imagination. I’m sure you’ve seen the self-driving cars, Google’s DeepMind winning at Go and Virtual assistants making appointments for you by calling your hairdresser. However, as with any trend, the dust will have to settle before we can start distinguishing where AI can add real value. Many companies are still testing the water: experimenting and investigating applications without fully committing. So, what will the AI trend bring to the service management field and TOPdesk?

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23 April 2018

Decoding the future: TOPdesk’s AI hackathon


Artificial Intelligence is rapidly gaining ground in our everyday lives. We use it to avoid traffic on our way to work, or we let virtual home assistants keep track of what music we like and which ingredients we need to buy for a new recipe. But what does the rise of AI mean for the future of service management? TOPdesk’s development teams from all over the world joined a hackathon to find new AI solutions for TOPdesk.


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9 April 2018

Artificial intelligence: Not just for big tech companies



Artificial intelligence has fascinated us humans for a long time. Stories have been written, movies have been made. 2018 marks the fiftieth anniversary of two important events in AI: the release of the film 2001: a Space Odyssey and the publication of the book that inspired the Blade Runner films. Sounds like the perfect time to see where we’re at when it comes to AI.

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