6 October 2017

Integrating with Action Sequences


With the number of applications at your organization growing, information gets scattered. As such, stable integrations are becoming increasingly important. And since many people continuously get the latest version of TOPdesk from the cloud, we can no longer rely on version-specific scripts as a solution.

Our new Action Sequences offer just the combination of stability and flexibility that you are looking for. Customize your own future-proof sequence of HTTP requests and use them to interact with JSON-based REST APIs. This way you can achieve exactly what you want without the need for complex bespoke scripting.

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13 June 2017

Settings to the web


As an increasing number of customers move to SaaS from On-Premises, we are focusing more on making life in the cloud as simple as possible. To that end, we are moving settings to the web interface that were previously only available for On-Premises installations.

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