10 July 2019

The quick-start guide to tackling Agile with the Kanban Board

Are you in doubt whether you are ready to start using the Kanban board? Do you think such a board is only for more mature or larger organizations? Or maybe you're just not sure where to get started. Below you'll find two examples of common tasks you easily register and track with the Kanban board, as well as the first step to take to get your team agile.

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28 August 2018

Notes in the TOPdesk Kanban Board

In January, you were first introduced to the Kanban Board for Call Management. With this board, you’re able to visualize workloads for Lean and Agile teams. Now it’s time to take your agile process a step further with Notes. Notes are flexible tasks you use separately or in combination with calls already on the Kanban Board. Notes make the Kanban Board even more suitable for various types of teams. Read on to see how different teams can use the board!

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